Ezra Eby Revived!
Ontario Mennonite, Amish, and Brethren in Christ family history.




In 1895-1896, Ezra E. Eby (1850-1901) published a 2 volume works entitled "A Biographical History of Waterloo Township".

The purpose of this project is to revive interest in the great legacy Ezra Eby left. Over the years, many people have carried on with what Ezra Eby began. This website not only shows the pioneers found in the original "Eby books", but also many of their numerous descendants.

As you browse through this website, you will find the names of persons followed by ...[Eby 0000] This number corresponds with that person's entry in the Eby book. If you don't have a copy, you can visit the Eby book online.

Numerous family histories have been published over the years. Ezra Eby Revived! combines the original Eby books, or "freundshaft books" as they are variously known, with dozens of family genealogies. This project should not discourage anyone from publishing a family history in print form. On the contrary! Family historians embarking on such an endeavor can receive any data available which will be helpful to them.

As this site has evolved, researchers added Amish and Brethren in Christ families, due primarily to marriages between members of the various plain people groups in the county.

There is one similarity between some of the information found on this website and that found in printed family genealogies. THERE ARE ERRORS! An advantage of this website is that errors can be easily corrected.

You are encouraged to email additions, corrections or other information to info@ezraeby.com. Please give us the "Person ID" of the person (or ID of the starting person, if reporting ancestors or descendants not listed) and any pertinent information.