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Ontario Mennonite, Amish, and Brethren in Christ family history.


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Lydia Martin, ...[Eby 4463]

Female 1810 - 1899  (88 years)

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Peter Shantz, ...[Eby 6943]
Male 1829-1903
Elizabeth Martin, ...[Eby 4425]
Female 1830-1909
Lydia Cressman, ...[Eby 2168]
Female -Young
Elminda Shantz, ...[Eby 6783]
Diana Shantz, ...[Eby 6783]
Female 1884-1935
Mary Ann Shantz, ...[Eby 6783]
Ida Shantz, ...[Eby 6783]
Female 1886-1930
Morgan C. Shantz, ...[Eby 6783]
Male 1888-1958
Viola M. Young
Female 1890-1941
Leander Shantz, ...[Eby 6783]
Male 1891-1964
Alberta Histand
Female 1890-1974
New chart
Rosetta Shantz, ...[Eby 6783]
Female 1893-1953
Arthur C. Shantz
Male 1895-1953
Edna Kathyn Wahl
Female 1895-1981
Nancy Cressman, ...[Eby 2169]
Female 1855-1925
Levi Shantz, ...[Eby 6783]
Male 1853-1930
Beatrice Lenore Cressman
Female 1884-1956
James "Edgar" Eby, ...[Eby 7176]
Male 1882-1945
New chart
Myra Della Cressman
Female 1888-1964
Abiah Shantz, ...[Eby 6785]
Male 1884-1931
New chart
Gilles K. Cressman
Male 1887-Yes, date unknown
Eli Cressman, ...[Eby 2170]
Male 1858-1934
Miranda Krupp, ...[Eby 1296]
Female 1859-1931
Nettie May Cressman, ...[Eby 3749]
Elmer Reier
New chart
Abram Cressman, ...[Eby 2171]
Male 1860-1928
Amanda Histand, ...[Eby 3749]
Female 1862-1886
Leroy Cressman
Male 1890-1919
Milford Cressman
Male 1893-1968
Barbara Violet Cressman
Female 1897-1983
Clarence Cressman
Male 1903-1980
Margaret Roberts Cressman
Female 1914-1997
New chart
Judith Shantz, ...[Eby 6725]
Female 1867-1965
Mary Shantz, ...[Eby 6944]
Female 1832-1894
Deacon John Cressman, ...[Eby 2167]
Male 1829-1903
Lydia S. Bauman, ...[Eby 196]
Female 1857-1946
Deacon Levi P. Martin, ...[Eby 4594]
Male 1844-1919
Leah Bauman, ...[Eby 197]
Female 1858-1910
David M. Horst, ...[Eby 3899]
Male 1843-1931
Onies Bauman, ...[Eby 198]
Male 1883-1941
Angeline M. Lichty, ...[Eby 4243]
Female 1884-1927
New chart
Emma Wideman
Female 1890-1976
Malinda M. Bauman, ...[Eby 198]
Female 1885-1944
George Musselman, ...[Eby 4945]
Male 1873-1931
Simon Bauman, ...[Eby 198]
Male 1887-1905
Amanda Bauman, ...[Eby 198]
Female 1889-1934
Norman G. Martin, ...[Eby 3215]
Male 1893-1984
Enoch M. Bauman, ...[Eby 198]
Male 1890-1970
Elenor Snyder
Female 1891-1943
New chart
Ida Brubacher, ...[Eby 1403]
Female 1890-1987
Ira M. Bauman, ...[Eby 198]
Male 1893-1956
Ermina Leah Musselman
Female 1893-1961
New chart
Daniel E. Bauman
Male 1894-1985
Pearl Groff
Female 1896-1987
New chart
Jacob M. Bauman
Male 1896-1901
Abram Bauman
Male 1898-1959
Vera Mabel Gimbel
Female 1899-1987
New chart
Addison M. Bauman
Male 1900-1901
Nelson M. Bauman
Male 1902-1965
Lillian Lipskie
Clayton Bauman
Male 1904-1978
Vietta Martin
Female 1913-2001
New chart
Clarence M. Bauman
Male 1908-1986
Almeda Martin
Female 1915-2001
Rev. Enoch S. Bauman, ...[Eby 198]
Male 1860-1918
Veronica E. Martin, ...[Eby 4371]
Female 1863-1922
Mary G. Bauman, ...[Eby 199]
Female 1886-1930
Caleb G. Bauman, ...[Eby 199]
Male 1887-1908
Ephraim G. Bauman, ...[Eby 199]
Male 1889-1907
Isaiah G. Bauman, ...[Eby 199]
Male 1890-1939
Hettie H. Martin
Female 1896-1987
New chart
Norman G. Bauman, ...[Eby 199]
Male 1891-1977
Ella Frances Shoup
Female 1892-1969
New chart
Oliver G. Bauman, ...[Eby 199]
Male 1893-1970
Irvin G. Bauman
Male 1895-1958
Naomi Shoup
Female 1901-1967
New chart
Ada G. Bauman
Female 1896-1924
Silas G. Bauman
Male 1898-1974
Esther M. Lodwick
Female 1900-1985
New chart
Edmund G. Bauman
Male 1900-1981
Louida G. Bauman
Female 1904-1977
James G. Bauman
Male 1906-1975
Alta Yoder
Female 1909-1996
New chart
Salome G. Bauman
Female 1909-1986
Deacon Silas Bauman, ...[Eby 199]
Male 1861-1913
Lydia Ann Groff, ...[Eby 3379]
Female 1862-1949
Titus B. Bauman, ...[Eby 200]
Male 1885-1965
Selina Gingrich, ...[Eby 3212]
Female 1888-1915
New chart
Adah H. Martin
Female 1891-1949
New chart
Manasseh B. Bauman, ...[Eby 200]
Male 1887-1967
Selinda Groh Sitler, ...[Eby 3433]
Female 1888-1922
New chart
Rebecca Bauman, ...[Eby 200]
Female 1888-1980
Anson M. Gingrich, ...[Eby 3208]
Male 1886-1978
New chart
Selina B. Bauman, ...[Eby 200]
Female 1890-1929
Addison Bowman Freeman
Male 1892-1965
New chart
Hannah Bauman, ...[Eby 200]
Female 1891-Yes, date unknown
Elias M. Wideman, ...[Eby 8056]
Male 1889-1964
Ozias B. Bauman, ...[Eby 200]
Male 1892-1977
Nancy B. Martin, ...[Eby 4302]
Female 1889-1966
New chart
Lydia Bauman, ...[Eby 200]
Female 1894-1993
Joshua Brubacher, ...[Eby 1476]
Male 1877-1949
Moses B. Bauman
Male 1895-Yes, date unknown
Lovina F. Bowman
Female 1894-1967
New chart
Sylvester B. Bauman
Male 1897-2001
Edna Martin
Female 1897-1961
New chart
Lydia Ann F. Frey
Ion Joseph Bauman
Male 1899-1964
Anna Margarite Koebel
Female 1908-1962
New chart
Irene B. Bauman
Female 1900-1979
Ivan B. Shantz
Male 1900-1984
New chart
Eli B. Bauman
Male 1901-1989
Vera S. Habermehl
Female 1905-1984
New chart
Phyanna Bauman
Female 1906-Yes, date unknown
Moses S. Bauman, ...[Eby 200]
Male 1863-1950
Lydia H. Bearinger, ...[Eby 642]
Female 1861-1923
Samuel Bauman
Male 1890-1890
Martha Groff Bauman, ...[Eby 201]
Female 1891-1965
Albert Habermehl
Male 1874-1964
New chart
Emma G. Bauman, ...[Eby 201]
Female 1893-1988
Addison Schmidt Erb, ...[Eby 2941]
Male 1891-1956
Fannie G. Bauman
Female 1895-1988
Leander G. Bauman
Male 1897-1984
Beatrice Hunstein
New chart
Ilda G. Bauman
Female 1898-1974
Melvin G. Bauman
Male 1901-Yes, date unknown
May Cope
New chart
Roy G. Bauman
Male 1906-1982
Alice "Catherine" Devitt
Female 1913-2014
New chart
Ira S. Bauman, ...[Eby 201]
Male 1865-1935
Matilda E. Groff, ...[Eby 3380]
Female 1865-1949
Susanna Bauman
Female 1894-1937
Josiah M. Martin
Male 1895-1976
New chart
Louisa M. Bauman
Female 1895-1956
Ezra E. Martin, ...[Eby 4546]
Male 1891-1978
New chart
Martin M. Bauman
Male 1897-1960
Rebecca Martin
Female 1897-1962
New chart
Ida M. Bauman
Female 1898-1898
Henry S. Bauman, ...[Eby 202]
Male 1867-1935
Judith A. Martin, ...[Eby 4520]
Female 1869-1898
Amos Bauman
Male 1902-1914
Urias S. Bauman
Male 1905-1986
Annie Martin
Female 1903-1939
New chart
Catherine "Katie" Hoffman
Female 1912-2010
New chart
Anna Bauman
Female 1907-1997
Israel M. Hoffman
Male 1908-1990
New chart
Henry S. Bauman
Male 1909-1987
Annie Weber
Female 1910-1992
New chart
Ephraim S. Bauman
Male 1911-1938
Minerva Hoffman
Female 1917-1998
Lovina Bauman
Female 1913-1913
Selina Bauman
Female 1914-1997
David Hoffman
Male 1913-1993
New chart
Noah Steckle Bauman
Male 1918-1995
Lucinda Bearinger
Female 1921-2007
New chart
David S. Bauman
Male 1920-2002
Elizabeth Martin
Female 1919-2003
New chart
Lovina Steckle
Female 1876-1942
Jeremiah Bauman
Male 1896-1967
Velina Martin
Female 1896-1981
New chart
Henry S. Bauman
Male 1898-1989
Nancy Martin
Female 1897-1948
New chart
Lovina M. Brubacher
Female 1892-1984
Salome Bauman
Female 1899-1900
Mary Ann Bauman
Female 1901-1947
David B. Martin, ...[Eby 4302]
Male 1895-1963
New chart
Owen S. Bauman
Male 1903-1969
Lydiann M. Martin
Female 1904-1994
New chart
Ellen S. Bauman
Female 1905-1969
Abraham S. Martin
Male 1909-1980
New chart
Harvey S. Bauman
Male 1907-1964
Saloma Martin
Female 1907-1992
New chart
Lovina Bauman
Female 1909-1910
Almeda S. Bauman
Female 1910-2000
Paul S. Martin
Male 1909-1992
New chart
Susanna S. Bauman
Female 1911-2001
Jesse Shantz
Male 1909-1983
New chart
Alice Bauman
Female 1912-2004
Deacon Ivan S. Martin
Male 1907-1977
New chart
Martin S. Bauman
Male 1913-1914
Laura S. Bauman
Female 1914-1915
Nelson S. Bauman
Male 1916-1916
Aden S. Bauman
Male 1919-1919
Martin Shantz Bauman, ...[Eby 203]
Male 1869-1945
Susanna Steckle
Female 1873-1925
Susanna Sitler, ...[Eby 3433]
Female 1877-1949
Elvina S. Bauman
Female 1897-1911
Annie S. Bauman
Female 1902-1902
Milton S. Bauman
Male 1902-1975
Susannah S. Martin
Female 1905-1965
New chart
Lydia Ann Bauman
Female 1904-1989
Absolom S. Bauman
Male 1899-1973
New chart
Minerva S. Bauman
Female 1906-1993
Henry B. Martin
Male 1901-1959
New chart
Amos C. Martin
Male 1900-1980
Emerson S. Bauman
Male 1907-1990
Luida B. Martin
Female 1908-1977
New chart
Ivan S. Bauman
Male 1909-1991
Lovina W. Martin
Female 1908-1977
New chart
Solinda Bauman
Female 1912-1982
Amos B. Frey
Male 1906-1994
New chart
Alvin S. Bauman
Male 1913-1982
Adeline B. Martin
Female 1911-1983
New chart
Eldon S. Bauman
Male 1917-1938
Lester S. Bauman
Male 1921-1921
Josiah S. Bauman, ...[Eby 204]
Male 1871-1923
Susanna Sitler, ...[Eby 3433]
Female 1877-1949
Jeremiah Bauman, ...[Eby 205]
Male 1873-1881
Rebecca M. Shantz, ...[Eby 6945]
Female 1835-1897
Martin Hoffman Bauman, ...[Eby 195]
Male 1834-1915
Henry Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5366]
Male -Yes, date unknown
Elma Rosenberger
Female 1884-Yes, date unknown
Cecil L. Mathis
John Rosenberger
Male 1886-1887
Myra Rosenberger
Female 1889-Yes, date unknown
Cloice Dale Fisher
Male 1888-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Nora Rosenberger
Female 1894-1961
Clayton Scheifele, ...[Eby 5556]
Male 1894-1984
New chart
Abraham Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5367]
Male 1859-1940
Lydia Toman, ...[Eby 7517]
Female 1859-1909
Lydia Good, ...[Eby 3243[
Female 1867-1944
Manilla Hallman, ...[Eby 3631]
Female 1882-1920
Elden "Roy" Shantz, ...[Eby 6800]
Male 1884-1933
New chart
Abner Hallman, ...[Eby 3631]
Male 1883-1945
Oda Stockman
Female 1891-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Nancy "Ellen" Hallman, ...[Eby 3631]
Female 1887-1968
Henry "Harry" Geach
Male 1887-1950
New chart
Lorne Hallman, ...[Eby 3631]
Male 1889-1968
Una Ranson
Annette Hallman, ...[Eby 3631]
Female 1892-1968
Arthur Bentley
Male 1889-1949
New chart
Grace Isabel Hallman
Female 1896-1962
Harvey M. Hutchings
Male 1886-1960
New chart
Alice "Myrtle" Hallman
Female 1898-1950
Gordon John Krupp
Male 1896-1958
New chart
William "Howard" Hallman
Male 1901-1934
Ruth Alexandra Clemens
Female 1904-1969
Marie Lapointe
Frances "Ruth" Hallman
Female 1903-Yes, date unknown
Michael "Mac" Klema
Male 1899-1970
New chart
Maria Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5368]
Female 1861-1942
Rev. Henry S. Hallman, ...[Eby 3631]
Male 1859-1932
Rebecca Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5369]
Hannah Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5370]
James Coleman, ...[Eby 5370]
Beniah Rosenberger
Male 1896-1962
Hilda Mae Shantz
Female 1901-1985
New chart
Clarence Rosenberger
Male 1901-2000
Mabel L. Dessler
Female 1910-2002
Edith Rosenberger
Female 1902-1975
Hubert Toman
Male 1900-1985
New chart
Victor Rosenberger
Male 1907-2006
Grace Louise Sherk
Female 1912-2000
New chart
Mary "Beulah" Rosenberger
Female 1909-1978
Christian Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5371]
Male 1867-1936
Phidellia Reist, ...[Eby 5235]
Female 1871-1929
Wilmer Wayne Reist
Male 1893-1961
Mary S. Welty
Female 1897-1978
New chart
Mabel Reist
Female 1894-1982
Rev. Wesley Swalm
Male 1890-1922
New chart
Charles W. Green
Male 1895-1963
Alton Reist
Male 1895-1895
Pearl Reist
Female 1896-1956
Nels Lamont
Male 1891-1964
Melvin Reist
Male 1898-1898
Alberta Reist
Female 1899-1985
Gordon R. McLean
Male 1895-1960
New chart
Ella Mae Reist
Female 1900-1935
David "Crosby" Archer
Male 1898-1994
New chart
Olive Reist
Female 1901-1901
Orvil Reist
Male 1901-1901
Elmer Reist
Male 1903-1994
Olive Grace Chamberlain
Female 1909-1994
New chart
Rebecca Ermina Reist
Female 1905-1983
Russel William Sherick
Male 1902-1972
New chart
John Edward Reist
Male 1906-1908
Mary Alice Reist
Female 1909-1996
Maynard Kinzie Snyder
Male 1904-1984
New chart
Dorothy Arabella Reist
Female 1911-1994
David "Crosby" Archer
Male 1898-1994
New chart
Lucinda Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5372]
Female 1871-1952
Theodore Reist, ...[Eby 5233]
Male 1868-1953
Laura Rosenberger
Female 1898-1898
Irwin Rosenberger
Male 1899-1899
Lorne Rosenberger
Lucinda Mae Rosenberger
Female -1990
Oliver Eckstein
New chart
Ida Rosenberger
Female 1905-2006
Roy Laverne Rosenberger
Mervin Hubert Rosenberger
Alvin Ray Rosenberger
Male 1914-1914
Noah Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5373]
Male 1875-1937
Elizabeth Schultz
Female 1877-1914
Veron Christian Isaiah Rosenberger
Male 1917-2011
Dorothy Wilfong
New chart
Orpha Marie Rosenberger, R.N.
Female 1920-2012
Edwin Emmanuel Meyer
Male 1917-1987
New chart
Anna Rebecca Bowman, ...[Eby 106]
Female 1877-1967
Lila Pfohl
Female 1904-Yes, date unknown
John F. Morrow
Male 1904-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Dorothy Pfohl
Female 1907-Yes, date unknown
Daniel Richard Swayze
Male 1903-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Morgan Pfohl
Male 1909-1909
Clinton Pfohl
Male 1910-Yes, date unknown
Hilda Burr
Clara Pfohl
William Roy Mitchell
Mildred Pfohl
Female 1919-
Ward Wurm
Male 1904-
Willard Pfohl
Male 1921-2005
Katherine Louise Kavelman
Female 1922-2014
New chart
Minerva Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5374]
Female 1879-1942
Henry Pfohl
Male 1878-1974
Hannah Shantz, ...[Eby 6946]
Female 1837-1891
Christian S. Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5365]
Male 1833-1903
Lydia Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5375]
Female 1860-1940
Annie "Vera" Rosenberger
Female 1892-1974
Lorne Stanley Rosenberger
Male 1897-1949
Myrtle Magdalena Becker
Female 1917-2008
New chart
John "Leighton" Rosenberger
Male 1899-1987
Flossie Odell Toman
Female 1901-1986
New chart
Hilda Marietta Rosenberger
Female 1901-1982
Elgin Reist
Male 1897-1983
New chart
Stuart Menno Rosenberger
Male 1909-1995
Doris Merveen Bechtel
Female 1919-1999
New chart
Menno Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5375]
Male 1862-1943
Lucinda Stauffer, ...[Eby 7382]
Female 1869-1941
Ina Coleman
Female 1894-Yes, date unknown
Paul Revere Campbell
New chart
Verna Coleman
Female 1897-Yes, date unknown
Nancy Coleman
Female 1899-Yes, date unknown
Lydia Pearl Coleman
Female 1901-1982
Mary "Aleda" Coleman
Female 1903-1949
Eldon Troxel Sherk
Male 1905-1997
New chart
Mary Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5375]
Female 1865-1947
John H. Coleman, ...[Eby 1216]
Male 1862-1949
Leah Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5375]
Female 1868-1950
Jacob Witmer, ...[Eby 8288]
Male 1862-1934
Mabel Rosenberger
Female 1897-Yes, date unknown
Olive Rosenberger
Female 1898-1963
Layton Raymer Coleman
Male 1898-Yes, date unknown
Floyd Rosenberger
Male 1901-Yes, date unknown
Arlene S. Rosenberger
Female 1907-1993
Layton Raymer Coleman
Male 1898-Yes, date unknown
Eli S. Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5375]
Male 1870-1961
Clara Snyder, ...[Eby 6031]
Female 1872-1959
Nancy Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5375]
Female 1873-1917
Benjamin Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5375]
Male 1875-Yes, date unknown
Sarah Ann Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5375]
Female 1877-1921
Oziah Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5375]
Male 1880-Yes, date unknown
Edwin Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5375]
Male 1884-Yes, date unknown
Nancy Shantz, ...[Eby 6947]
Female 1839-1898
Benjamin Rosenberger, ...[Eby 5375]
Male 1838-1906
Ethel Cressman
Female 1894-1971
Roy Emerson Hamacher
Male 1895-1984
New chart
Elsie Cressman
Female 1886-Yes, date unknown
Wayne "Elmer" Cressman
Male 1908-1971
Jonas Cressman, ...[Eby 2130]
Male 1864-1935
Rebecca Wanner
Female 1868-1956
Clayton Wellington Cressman
Male 1891-1964
Grace Irene Good
Female 1901-1986
New chart
Wilmot Cressman
Male 1893-Yes, date unknown
Gertrude Elizabeth Cressman
Female 1896-1984
Jesse Norman Lageer
Male 1890-1972
New chart
Vernon W. Cressman
Male 1898-1940
Salome Pearl Doerbecker
Female 1901-1990
New chart
Lloyd Cressman
Male 1900-Yes, date unknown
Joy Beatrice Cressman
Female 1903-Yes, date unknown
Washington Bricker, ...[Eby 1241]
Male 1890-Yes, date unknown
Franklin "Frank" Homer Cressman
Male 1906-1978
Dorothy E. McVettie
Female 1911-2005
New chart
Rev. Silas Cressman, ...[Eby 2130]
Male 1866-1935
Sarah Wagner
Female 1863-1946
Isaiah Cressman, ...[Eby 2130]
Male 1868-1869
Lydia Cressman, ...[Eby 2130]
Female 1870-Yes, date unknown
John S. Albright
Male 1856-Yes, date unknown
Virgil B. Cressman
Male 1896-Yes, date unknown
Daniel Ward Cressman
Male 1899-Yes, date unknown
Rev. Henry Cressman, ...[Eby 2130]
Male 1872-Yes, date unknown
Rhoda Brenneman
Female 1866-Yes, date unknown
Saloma Cressman, ...[Eby 2130]
Miriam Cressman
Female 1913-Yes, date unknown
Walter Chapman
Male 1885-1989
Evelyn E. Cressman
Female 1914-1997
Eldon Troxel Sherk
Male 1905-1997
New chart
Willa Cressman
Garfield Hallman Cressman
Male 1919-1993
Ilah "Jean" Hallman
Female 1923-2003
New chart
Simeon Cressman, ...[Eby 2130]
Male 1877-1934
Minerva Hallman, ...[Eby 3560]
Female 1878-1960
Howard C. Stoltz
Male 1912-1996
Leonard Glenn Stoltz
Male 1914-1916
Alta Grace Stoltz
Female Abt 1919-2008
Les Voynich
Male -1996
Samantha Cressman, ...[Eby 2130]
Female 1879-1959
Edward August Stoltz
Male 1880-1974
Eldon Cressman, ...[Eby 2130]
Male 1883-1972
Olive Jane Bryant
Female 1889-1966
Elizabeth Shantz, ...[Eby 6948]
Female 1842-1911
Enos Cressman, ...[Eby 2130]
Male 1842-1911
Lydia Shantz, ...[Eby 6949]
Female 1871-1926
Aaron Eby, ...[Eby 2627]
Male 1874-1957
Rudolph Shantz, ...[Eby 6949]
Male 1872-Yes, date unknown
Edna Shantz
Female 1907-Yes, date unknown
Edgar Kolpean
New chart
Albert Shantz, ...[Eby 6949]
Male 1874-1941
Christina M. Frey, ...[Eby 4585]
Female 1883-1960
Elmer Shantz, ...[Eby 6949]
Male 1877-1927
Susannah Shantz, ...[Eby 6949]
Female 1879-Yes, date unknown
Clara Mabel Shantz
Female 1906-1963
Russell Arthur Thomas
Male 1891-1969
New chart
Lillian Shantz
Female 1912-2004
Daniel Etrel Schmitt
Male 1909-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Henry Shantz, ...[Eby 6949]
Male 1881-1946
Catherine Frey, ...[Eby 4585]
Female 1877-1928
Barbara Bender
Female 1891-1964
Emerson Frey
Male 1905-1976
Elton Frey
Alvin "Lloyd" Frey
Male 1910-1985
Mabel Elizabeth Schneider
Female 1910-1996
New chart
Elmer "Hubert" Frey
Male 1912-1987
Matilda "Tillie" Bast
Female 1916-2010
New chart
Delton Frey
Male 1914-1984
Luella Knarr
New chart
Loreen S. Frey
Leonard Reibel
Male 1910-1947
New chart
Adam Kerr
Male 1914-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Maria Shantz, ...[Eby 6949]
Female 1883-1953
Jacob M. Frey, ...[Eby 4585]
Male 1881-1963
Minerva Shantz, ...[Eby 6949]
Elvina Shantz, ...[Eby 6949]
David Shantz, ...[Eby 6949]
Male 1845-1909
Susanna Dettweiler, [Eby 2260]
Female 1844-1900
Orvan Snyder, ...[Eby 6362]
Male 1894-1894
Elo Snyder
Male 1895-1965
Susannah Martin
Female 1899-1961
New chart
Austin Snyder
Male 1897-1975
Lucinda Martin, ...[Eby 4359]
Female 1894-1979
New chart
Roy S. Snyder
Male 1898-1971
Magdalena Weber
Female 1902-1928
New chart
Leida Shantz
Female 1901-1938
Nettie Bechtel
Female 1901-1986
Orlan Jacob Snyder
Male 1900-1986
Veronica Brubacher
Female 1902-1977
New chart
Erma Cressman
Female 1922-2011
Esther "Hettie" Steckle, ...[Eby 6950]
Female 1869-1942
Jacob S. Snyder, ...[Eby 6362]
Male 1868-1953
Ivan Shantz
Male 1898-1975
Aura Dean Layman
Female 1899-1977
New chart
Ada May Shantz
Female 1899-1998
Oliver W. Handrich
Male 1897-1984
New chart
Melvin John Shantz
Male 1902-1995
Reathel Genette Yoder
Female 1905-2004
New chart
Ernie Shantz
Male 1904-Yes, date unknown
Letha Kurtz
Female 1908-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Alma Grace Shantz
Female 1906-1996
Rev. Bishop Floyd F. Bontrager
Male 1899-1992
New chart
Emma Verna Shantz
Female 1910-1967
Edgar Joseph Yoder
Male 1911-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Edna Pearl Shantz
Male 1912-2006
Clifford Henry Shantz
Male 1914-2011
Viola Louise Stonebraker
Female 1916-2003
New chart
Anna Steckle, ...[Eby 6950]
Female 1872-1940
Annanias C. Shantz, ...[Eby 6915]
Male 1873-1943
Lydia Steckle
Female 1873-1962
Noah Steckle
Male 1875-1875
Melinda Steckle
Female 1875-1875
Bertha Irene Steckle
Female 1909-1985
Robert "Bert" Johnston
Male 1905-1986
New chart
Edith Steckle
Female 1911-Yes, date unknown
David A. Smith
Male 1901-1966
New chart
Abram Steckle
Male 1876-1948
Edith Moellering
Female 1872-1950
Amos Steckle
Male 1878-1878
Lucinda Steckle
Female 1879-1880
Edwin Weber
Male 1903-1903
Clayton Harold Weber
Male 1904-1992
Kathryn Isobel Shantz
Female 1909-1975
New chart
Laura Emma Weber
Female 1907-1995
Wallace A. Hamsher
Male 1903-1974