Ezra Eby Revived!
Ontario Mennonite, Amish, and Brethren in Christ family history.


Vancouver, British Columbia

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Cary, Dorothy Agnes  28 Apr 1918Vancouver, British Columbia I109120 MABIC 
2 Clemens, Donald Maurice  24 May 1948Vancouver, British Columbia I93974 MABIC 
3 Gove, Eleanor May  9 Aug 1937Vancouver, British Columbia I80022 MABIC 
4 Hoole, Ada Mary Clarice  22 Sep 1917Vancouver, British Columbia I135457 MABIC 
5 Meister, Marilyn Linda  6 Aug 1944Vancouver, British Columbia I42115 MABIC 
6 Naegele, Janet Louise  28 Sep 1955Vancouver, British Columbia I113991 MABIC 
7 O'neill, Shannon Rose  9 Feb 1960Vancouver, British Columbia I92080 MABIC 
8 Raymer, Max Burgess  10 Jun 1918Vancouver, British Columbia I193638 MABIC 
9 Reid, Myrtle  Vancouver, British Columbia I109799 MABIC 
10 Rusnell, Mark  12 Mar 1968Vancouver, British Columbia I197574 MABIC 
11 Sievenpiper, Mildred Joan  Vancouver, British Columbia I109575 MABIC 
12 Sievenpiper, Peter Bruce  Vancouver, British Columbia I109576 MABIC 
13 Sievenpiper, William Stanley  Vancouver, British Columbia I109577 MABIC 
14 Skilling, John Mervin  2 Jul 1920Vancouver, British Columbia I107374 MABIC 
15 Tollestrup, Kristin Jane  7 Jan 1962Vancouver, British Columbia I216793 MABIC 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Baker, Harry  22 Oct 1980Vancouver, British Columbia I175967 MABIC 
2 Beaulieu, Arthur Orlando  28 Oct 1960Vancouver, British Columbia I160216 MABIC 
3 Bechtel, Emma ...[Eby 803]  18 May 1951Vancouver, British Columbia I59046 MABIC 
4 Bechtel, John ...[Eby 743]  21 Jul 1957Vancouver, British Columbia I56371 MABIC 
5 Berry, Anne Bowman  3 May 1983Vancouver, British Columbia I115202 MABIC 
6 Berry, Edith Lauretta ...[Eby 112]  19 Jan 1935Vancouver, British Columbia I56878 MABIC 
7 Bidnell, Eileen Evelyn  27 Aug 1966Vancouver, British Columbia I171358 MABIC 
8 Bock, Abraham Isaac ...[Eby 1140]  5 Mar 1930Vancouver, British Columbia I56399 MABIC 
9 Bricker, Nettie R. ...[Eby 1267]  20 Nov 1946Vancouver, British Columbia I104952 MABIC 
10 Buscombe, Charles M.  17 Feb 1947Vancouver, British Columbia I192849 MABIC 
11 Clemens, Annie Maude ...[Eby 1667]  22 Apr 1959Vancouver, British Columbia I21284 MABIC 
12 Clemens, Simon ...[Eby 1667]  19 Sep 1925Vancouver, British Columbia I21282 MABIC 
13 Connor, Mahala  1943Vancouver, British Columbia I169851 MABIC 
14 Detwiller, Alexander B.  26 Apr 1954Vancouver, British Columbia I9604 MABIC 
15 Eby, Alice May  11 Aug 1989Vancouver, British Columbia I91547 MABIC 
16 Elliott, May Russell  22 Jun 1945Vancouver, British Columbia I132825 MABIC 
17 Frey, John David  6 Aug 2009Vancouver, British Columbia I2624 MABIC 
18 Gerow, Cynthia Victoria  24 Aug 1944Vancouver, British Columbia I87619 MABIC 
19 Grieve, David  26 Nov 1940Vancouver, British Columbia I192848 MABIC 
20 Hemsworth, John Hubert  7 Feb 1956Vancouver, British Columbia I134133 MABIC 
21 Hilker, Amos Abraham ...[Eby 1632]  17 May 1923Vancouver, British Columbia I74324 MABIC 
22 Hoey, Robert "Bob"  14 May 1992Vancouver, British Columbia I179126 MABIC 
23 Israel, Edna Pearl  1 Jan 1958Vancouver, British Columbia I87620 MABIC 
24 Israel, Idella "Ida"  11 Oct 1967Vancouver, British Columbia I38422 MABIC 
25 Israel, Reuben Howard "Mike"  5 Apr 1961Vancouver, British Columbia I87621 MABIC 
26 Kidd, George Allen  18 Apr 1987Vancouver, British Columbia I170639 MABIC 
27 Kidd, Joseph Marr  24 Dec 1943Vancouver, British Columbia I173248 MABIC 
28 Light, Gunter Walter James  Jan 1992Vancouver, British Columbia I121201 MABIC 
29 Master, Elizabeth  Vancouver, British Columbia I56219 MABIC 
30 McKenzie, Jessie  27 Dec 1939Vancouver, British Columbia I184074 MABIC 
31 McPhee, John Henry Lloyd  3 Nov 1968Vancouver, British Columbia I102388 MABIC 
32 Mustard, Florence Luella  13 Mar 1985Vancouver, British Columbia I199762 MABIC 
33 Naegele, Janet Louise  19 Feb 1983Vancouver, British Columbia I113991 MABIC 
34 Nordquist, George  4 Aug 1975Vancouver, British Columbia I132658 MABIC 
35 Oliver, Gladys Helen  Jan 1962Vancouver, British Columbia I109116 MABIC 
36 Ramer, Catherine  29 Jan 1934Vancouver, British Columbia I193680 MABIC 
37 Raymer, Ethel May  28 Aug 1973Vancouver, British Columbia I192847 MABIC 
38 Raymer, Harvey Connor  9 Feb 1937Vancouver, British Columbia I192857 MABIC 
39 Raymer, Nellie  1939Vancouver, British Columbia I193639 MABIC 
40 Raymer, Willis  Nov 1924Vancouver, British Columbia I193679 MABIC 
41 Robinson, Bruce Lachlan  27 Oct 1975Vancouver, British Columbia I216779 MABIC 
42 Seibert, Shannon Herbert ...[Eby 6514]  23 Aug 1969Vancouver, British Columbia I141984 MABIC 
43 Shannon, Leila Ada  20 Apr 1948Vancouver, British Columbia I77365 MABIC 
44 Shantz, Samuel S. ...[Eby 6771]  30 Jul 1946Vancouver, British Columbia I89975 MABIC 
45 Shearer, William Thomas Roxburgh  26 Aug 1939Vancouver, British Columbia I219557 MABIC 
46 Sherk, Sarah Louise  8 May 1948Vancouver, British Columbia I88179 MABIC 
47 Snyder, Charles Edward  4 Oct 1971Vancouver, British Columbia I83961 MABIC 
48 Soward, Vera Harriet  25 Mar 1982Vancouver, British Columbia I109131 MABIC 
49 Spreeman, Levi  27 Sep 1970Vancouver, British Columbia I75564 MABIC 
50 Stewart, Frederick  25 Dec 1982Vancouver, British Columbia I178922 MABIC 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Reist, William  Vancouver, British Columbia I114145 MABIC 


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Wilson / Nelson  16 Feb 1915Vancouver, British Columbia F39803 MABIC 
2 Reid / Detweiler  9 Oct 1920Vancouver, British Columbia F72476 MABIC 
3 Little / Israel  30 Nov 1920Vancouver, British Columbia F42389 MABIC 
4 Kidd / Mills  20 Jun 1922Vancouver, British Columbia F44298 MABIC 
5 Sievenpiper / Morrison  11 Aug 1923Vancouver, British Columbia F34072 MABIC 
6 Hughes / Kidd  10 Aug 1925Vancouver, British Columbia F42883 MABIC 
7 Kidd / Bidnell  30 Oct 1925Vancouver, British Columbia F44331 MABIC 
8 Simmonds / McLean  18 Dec 1928Vancouver, British Columbia F42244 MABIC 
9 Kidd / Milligan  10 Apr 1929Vancouver, British Columbia F44491 MABIC 
10 Eby / King  8 Aug 1929Vancouver, British Columbia F27647 MABIC 
11 Kidd / Metcalfe  5 Oct 1932Vancouver, British Columbia F44656 MABIC 
12 Stewart / Eby  15 Jun 1940Vancouver, British Columbia F58146 MABIC 
13 Light / Alcock  1942Vancouver, British Columbia F38276 MABIC 
14 Koch / Otterbein  2 May 1943Vancouver, British Columbia F27881 MABIC